About Ed

I have been a compositor for feature film and television for the last 9 years. I am no stranger to high pressure situations as evidenced by my last few contracts in which I delivered shots for three separate films in as many weeks. Staying flexible is key as I have to adhere to the varied schedules, overlap, styles, and demands of any production. A savvy problem solver, in one case I had to learn a new compositing package from the ground up and deliver within the week.

I am often asked to help out in crunchy situations. This usually consists of tackling work-in-progress shots to take them through to final. Sometimes a full rebuild is required. Knowing the difference is what has seen me through many shows. 

My peers would describe me as even-keeled, reliable, and that I do my best to stay positive when faced with last minute challenges. I also know a lot of Dad jokes.
Collaborating with artists and production staff of all levels across multiple departments is a daily task for me. As a result, I have developed skill sets which allow me to parse information and quickly develop a solution for myself or an action plan for others. With that same analysis I am able to identify potential trouble spots along the pipeline. 

I am continually working to develop knowledge of the bigger picture around my studio projects (as well as the client perspective) and hope to carry that into more supervisory opportunities as they present themselves.

Visual effects are at my core and I would love to show you first hand what I'm capable of.

When not pushing pixels around some things I tend to enjoy include:

Kansas City BBQ, Hawaiian steel guitar, playing with my dog, and going to the Movies.